What's Rephasia ?

Rephasia is a medical information system for aphasia patients that can be used on mobile devices, allowing patients to train whenever and wherever they want.

Why Rephasia?

Medical institution

Allow hospitals to accommodate more patients through group therapy.


Reduce the burden of therapists by resource sharing.


Rephasia provides tips to help patient during training.


Patients could self-train always and everywhere with Rephasia.

Rephasia Features

Anywhere, anytime

Patients could train with Rephasia App on mobile devices which are easy to carry. Thus, they can train whenever and wherever they want.

Abundant and professional questions

There are abundant and many kinds of questions designed by speech therapist.

Therapy status is controllable

All of the results are recorded when patients were training. As a result, therapists and dependents could understand the patient's condition.

Multilingual Questions

Mandarin and Taiwanese are available in Rephasia now. We will extend more languages for patients to train in the appropriate environment.

“ Human life has been improved since information technology development. We believe that the lives of the individuals with aphasia could be improved in the same way. ”

Get to know more about Rephasia?

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